Deo Ambiente - Sandalo

Deo Ambiente – Sandalo 750 ml – Perfumed Air/Room Freshener with hygiene effect

Chemically neutral liquid, characterized by a very pleasant fragrance and hygienic effect. It removes and neutralizes unpleasant odors of organic origin and gives the rooms a long-running pleasant fragrance. Thanks to its properties it can also be used on floors, carpets and all other surfaces or in rooms where it is necessary to provide comfort and hygienic cleaning. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended for use in – public institutions, hospitality, catering, accommodation for old persons, companies, households, etc. Fragrance of choice: White musk, Sandalwood, Cotton flower.

If used as a freshener, it is enough to spray it onto the floor in the corners of the room, in the proportion to the desired level of fragrance. If it is desirable to clean the surface hygienically, then it should be dissolved in warm or cold water in the range of 2-4% (20 ml to 40 ml of product per 1000 ml of water), and for larger surfaces such as floors it is sufficient to dissolve 0.2-0.5% of the product in the water (2 ml to 5 ml of product per 1000 ml of water). Avoid any contact of product with your face and eyes, as well as direct inhalation of aerosols contained in the product.